How to be Comfortable on an Airplane

Together, the words ‘comfort’ and ‘airplane’ may sound like an experiment that involves diluting oil in water.

Impossible it may sound but rest assured, there are plenty of things we as flyers can do in order to make our flight more, well, comforting.

1) Prior to your flight, try to reserve the best seat for you.

If you prefer a window seat, try to reserve one while booking your flight, and the same if you prefer the aisle. Keep in mind that if you prefer the aisle seat, there’s always the risk of people bumping into you on their way to the bathroom, And keep that elbow tucked in when the beverage cart comes past – there is nothing funny about hitting your funny bone. So, if you plan on sleeping but think the above mentioned would keep you awake, maybe a different seat would be better for you.

2) Plan on sleeping? Best come prepared.

Though the cold air vent overhead helps us sleep, it’s easy for the rest our bodies to get cold. If you become chilled easily and those airline blankets just don’t cut it, think about bringing a spare jacket. Also, using a neck pillow could help you feel relaxed enough to doze off. Here’s where Wings come in. With its 100% cotton fabric and inflatable/detachable neck pillow, prepare to feel more comfortable on your flight instantly.

3) Bring things that entertain you.

Portable DVD player, iPad, Laptop, books, e-Reader, Kindle, iPod, iPhone – the options seem never ending, don’t they? Not only that, but many airlines today offer A.V.O.D. or Audio Visual On Demand. Now, movies, television shows, and music channels are accessible through a touch activated TV screen in front of your seat. [1]

Bringing your own headphones could also improve your mood during flight. Though many airlines off headphones, their quality is poor, making it hard to tune out that screaming baby and pair of conversationalists behind you.

4) Bring items to refresh yourself prior to landing.

Between the stale cabin air, the smell of burnt coffee, the woman’s perfume in the next aisle, or those unfortunate enough to experience the wafting bathrooms – it’s easy to feel less than yourself when arriving to your destination. Keeping a small non liquid or gel toothbrush, hairbrush, breath mints, lip balm, or a travel sized deodorant on hand could all help you feel more alert and refreshed when you arrive.

5) Bring snacks you enjoy.

A personal favorite – peanuts M&Ms and a bag of Goldfish. You’d be surprised the impact a small piece of chocolate can have your mood in flight. Think of it as a small little treat for not losing your mind. But if you’re craving something healthier, think protein bars. Protein will make you feel better opposed to the airline food enriched with carbohydrates.

Also think about repackaging your snacks prior to flight. To sail through security with your plunder, store your goodies in a clear, zip lock sandwich bag, and place in the security bin with your other belongings.

6) Wear comfortable clothes.

Looser clothes in general feel more comfortable and cotton fabric is ideal with its breathable material. [3] Leave your high heels and business suit with your luggage.

7) When possible, move around the plane.

After a while, the airline seats seem to shrink don’t they? If you’re susceptible to muscle cramps, or locking joints, sitting on an airplane sounds as exciting as shucking oysters with your bare hands. Taking a few minutes to stretch your limbs can improve your comfort level. If you’re stuck in your seat, pointing and flexing your toes and heels every 30 minutes can also help prevent pesky swollen feet. [2]

8) Lastly, don’t look at the time.

That’s pretty self-explanatory, no? You know what they say, watch a pot and it will never boil.

Oh, and try not to let your friends catch you in any compromising sleeping positions.



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The Best Ways to Avoid Jet Lag

Jet lag – for many, also known as a complete nuisance.

Flying across time zones can not only have an effect on you physically, but it can also scramble your mental capabilities, making that red eye you took for your 9:00am business meeting all the more discomforting. And no matter how amazing your upcoming vacation to Kathmandu is planned out, jet lag doesn’t care; and if you’re not careful those said plans may be skewed to the wind. If you’re not prepared, instead of joining in cultural festivities, or checking out local monasteries, jet lag could have you wrought in bed with fatigue, headaches, constipation, and the one thing we could all do without, diarrhea.

Though there is no cure for jet lag, there are many tips and solutions to help limit those symptoms.

First, let’s tackle one of the biggest components in defeating jet lag – staying hydrated. Even without flying, water is your friend, and be sure to chug plenty of it. No one wants to put down $10 for a bottle of water after airport security, but consider it a good investment. Yes, there is water on the plane and you’re more than welcome to keep annoying the flight attendant for more – because those baby Dixie cups really go a long way – but in the end you’ll be glad you did. Inside the cabin, the air is stale and it’s drying you out faster than when you’re on land. [1] Having a bottle on hand just might save you. And keep in mind, even though tomato juice and ginger ale taste ten times better on an airplane than anywhere else, those drinks are packed with sodium, sugar, and caffeine = hellooo, dehydration = hellooo, pounding headache = goodbye, vacation. Oh, and the same goes for alcohol – but… I’ll let you be the judge on that one.

Next step, avoid the delicious airplane food. According to Reader’s Digest Online, “since airline food is served on board according to your home base, eating it can sabotage efforts to reset your clock to the time zone to which you’re traveling.” Not only that, but loading up on carbs before your flight can also trigger those lovely tryptophan amino acids in your brain – making you feel more sleepy. While in flight however, keep those snacks on hand and try to eat during the mealtimes of your destination. [1]

Along those lines of snacking, keep yourself occupied. Most airlines today have an array of movie choices and some even a few radio stations to hold your attention. If anything, bring a book or a deck of cards, or your crochet if you’re into that sort of thing. Try to not show up empty handed, or else that beef stroganoff doused in mystery sauce may seem more appealing. Besides, eating out of boredom is never as satisfying as we hope it to be.

Also keep in mind of the time of day in which you’ll be arriving. If you will be arriving at night, try to stay awake through your flight, and vice versa. [2] This will help you show jet lag who’s boss. But if you’re like some, sleeping on an airplane is like trying to sleep standing up. If anything, try to stay relaxed. Keep that cool air vent open but keep yourself warm, and consider eyeshades – all three can help you fall asleep faster. Luckily, the Wings hoodie has you covered. Thanks to the detachable inflatable pillow, light blocking eyeshade, and 100% cotton fabric comfort is inevitable!

For those of you flying for an extended period of time, try to keep your circulation flowing. Rotating joints while sitting down, stretching and walking around the cabin will help keep you limber and alert. No one likes to get off the plane feeling like they’ve just experienced gravity for the first time.

Now that we’ve established several ways to help keep jet lag at bay while in flight, let’s discuss post arrival.

Here’s the kicker – if you arrive at your destination at night, try to go to sleep. If you arrive in the morning, even if it just hit 11:00pm at home, stay awake. Eat light meals, try to soak up some sun, and stay awake. Staying awake as late as possible gives your body a greater chance at time zone rebounding. [3]

Oh, and napping is out of the question.

But don’t let the thought of jet lag discourage you. You might arrive to your destination and feel fantastic…until the following day, or you may not even experience it at all. Many factors can tie into jet lag and the sufferer; such as experience, age, lifestyle, and even children. [4] Everyone reacts to jet lag differently. There are those who don’t believe in its existence, and those who ritually attempt to avoid it at all costs. Above all else, drink plenty of fluids, relax, and be happy. Luckily for everyone, jet lag isn’t permanent.



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