…you can’t figure out the lavatory door.
“It says PUSH; clear as day.”

…you stand up to use the bathroom but you’re trapped by the beverage cart.
“This thing weighs nearly 300 pounds, you can’t wait five minutes?”

…you push the call button at inappropriate times; like when they ask if a doctor is on board, before running down the aisle with the first aid kit.
“Not the best time to ask for an extra bag of pretzels.”

…you don’t have a diaper for your child.
“Well, there are sterile pads in the first aid kit!”

…you poke or grab them as they walk past your seat.
“Would you grab your waitress? There is this thing called the CALL button.”

…you leave your carry on hanging out of the overhead bin because you just can’t figure how to make it fit.
“Yes, I would love to solve the complex jigsaw puzzle you’ve created.”

…you come up to them and tattle.
“They’re not sharing the arm rest? Unfortunately, doubling as a preschool teacher does not come with my salary.”

…you don’t acknowledge them.
“We greet and bid farewell to hundreds of travelers every day. Why do only a few of you show us the same courtesy?”

Source: A big thanks to Reader’s Digest for supplying this great read – http://www.rd.com/slideshows/13-things-your-flight-attendant-wont-tell-you/

Photo Credit: Kevin_Morris and davitydave via photopin cc